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Black Friday for beauty bussinesses

Tips To Maximise Revenue on Black Friday For Beauty Businesses

With Black Friday just around the corner, small beauty businesses in the UK are gearing up for something special. It’s not just about discounts; it’s about understanding what makes the beauty market here truly unique. In this blog post, JustServ explores tips to maximise revenue on Black Friday for beauty businesses. This journey will get…

Spa marketing ideas

9 unique spa marketing ideas for couples on Valentine’s Season

Valentine’s is just around the corner. For the past few weeks, the girls and boys have been busy preparing for their Valentine’s Day date. As a spa owner, you may notice more frequent visits for massages, facials and body treatments. What are you waiting for without launching these super hot spa marketing ideas for Valentine’s promotion…

revenue raising

Spa revenue raising: How to rocket revenue from your business?

After a lot of effort, your business has come into operation and generated initial revenue achievements. Revenue is raising, you look at the chart with profits going up dramatically and think (finally) you can milk your business. The truth is that you are simply touching the very first point of the very tough business process….