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9 unique spa marketing ideas for couples on Valentine’s Season

Valentine’s is just around the corner. For the past few weeks, the girls and boys have been busy preparing for their Valentine’s Day date.

As a spa owner, you may notice more frequent visits for massages, facials and body treatments. What are you waiting for without launching these super hot spa marketing ideas for Valentine’s promotion in 2023?

20% off? It also sounds like an appetiser. But then what’s the difference from a regular discount program? Keep reading to discover 9 JustServ unique Valentine’s Day spa marketing ideas right in this article!

Why spa services should not miss Valentine’s season?

Even though it is an unofficial holiday, Valentine’s Day provides profitable business prospects for a wide range of businesses. The reason for this is that around this holiday, people may prefer to spend more money on non-essential items and services.

Valentine’s Day is a terrific time for many couples to rest, relax, and present beautiful gifts to their loved ones. This is the season for entertainment, leisure, beauty, gifts, and food and beverage services.

Before that day, everyone wants to get ready for an important date with a radiant, confident, and attractive appearance. That is why, if adequate incentives, promotions, and stimuli are provided, beauty care services and cosmetics firms can achieve a favourable quantity of deals.

Many couples choose to spend a pleasant day together at a luxury massage spa

Furthermore, many couples choose to spend a pleasant day together at a luxury massage spa rather than travelling or dining at a beautiful, opulent restaurant. Spa services are progressively becoming a familiar destination for everyone as the wellness trend has risen in recent years.

9 Spa marketing ideas you should not miss in the 2023 valentine’s season

1. Collaborate with other partners to offer packaged services or deals

Spas can collaborate with partners to establish a campaign to give trendy Valentine’s Day services such as music performance tickets/food and drink vouchers/movie tickets/discount coupons for family items, etc.

Package offers are usually appealing. Customers desire to use various services in a single transaction. As a result, you may explore and negotiate arrangements that benefit both sides.

Furthermore, the giving of incentives for connected services for couples on Valentine’s Day gives clients the impression that they are getting a fantastic deal. As a result, customers will have a favourable image of your spa.

2. Create a unique selling point by serving special service packages on Valentine’s Day

It is advised to update some of the Valentine concepts in the service package you give for Valentine’s Day. Consider customer expectations on these days to add or remove services or build a different service bundle in the manner of a romantic Valentine’s Day. Adjusting the colour of the towels, changing the aroma of the essential oils, adding rose petals, or delivering a couple of packages are just a few ideas for this promotion.

Creating unique spa packages is already an excellent Valentine’s Day surprise. In addition, spas can also provide unique types of treatment as an added service so that clients remember your customer service for a longer period.

Spas should also consider serving additional breakfast items or drinks during Valentine’s

Spas should also consider serving additional breakfast items or drinks during Valentine’s such as chocolate-covered strawberries, cakes or champagne. This will make an unforgettable impression on the customers.

3. Create a special package of “love massage” for couples

Cards, flowers or chocolates as a gift seem to be a popular form of Valentine’s celebration.

Let your spa become a memorable date spot for couples’ love. It seems that this form is quite new, but many spas have implemented this idea and brought great success.

spa marketing ideas

You should pay attention to designing a romantic, private space for couples

You should pay attention to designing a romantic, private space for couples and reveal some pictures in advance for your customers to make them more excited. Going through a relaxation session together is a great opportunity for couples to open up and bond with each other.

4. Promote product combos

In addition to promoting Valentine’s Day treatments, you should also mix and sell different types of products. When customers are satisfied with your service, they will easily agree to further suggestions of products suitable for their beauty and personal care.

For example, not everyone understands what brand products should be used for oily skin. They will have to take time to learn before starting to use it. Therefore, they will be interested in the good products for oily skin that you suggest without doing too much research.

Creating a variety of beautiful gift basket ideas suitable for different options such as different uses, prices and tastes is an effective Valentine’s Day selling idea.

5. Replace images and decorations on Valentine’s Day

Before launching creative ideas on Valentine’s Day, start decorating your spa. Add some red, vases of roses, heart shapes here and there, images of couples, etc. A few changes in decoration will significantly boost the aura your spa guests have in your space as well as evoke the Valentine’s Day mood.

spa marketing ideas

Redecorate your spa to evoke the Valentine’s Day mood

Besides the idea of ​​offline decoration at the spa, do not forget to take care of your online communication channels. Replacing the image on the fanpage with warm colours towards love or designing eye-catching leaflets and standees will attract the attention of potential customers.

6. Implement social media marketing campaign

No matter how good a Valentine’s Day communication plan is, it won’t benefit a business if it isn’t widely known. As a result, preparing to run advertisements to attract clients is critical.

Furthermore, employ concepts that inspire people to like and share on social media to promote involvement and spread the word about your program. This kind of distribution will make potential clients aware of your brand. Even if they do not visit your spa on Valentine’s Day, they will have an image of your brand and are more likely to use the service.

Check out our article on how to attract customers through social media for more information.

7. Create an advertising campaign for single clients.

Many people mistake Valentine’s Day for an anniversary for couples. However, single people are also prospective clients on this occasion.

Single people, in addition to couples, are prospective customers that spas should not overlook. On this occasion, you could have the offer to deliver presents to specific clients, making them feel cherished all the time.

8. Implement the program to accumulate points and redeem rewards

Valentine’s season is a great time to take advantage of the rewards card program at the spa. Consider offering customers double points if they book a service during your Valentine’s run.

On the other hand, you might consider giving a small Valentine’s bonus or gift when a customer reaches a certain point or a customer earns points for the first time at your spa. Customers enjoy the feeling of collecting and accumulating achievements. Satisfy their passion and you have a loyal customer who keeps coming back.

9. Give customers a small gift of love

This marketing idea doesn’t need to cost too much. Even small gifts like roses or chocolates for customers who come in on Valentine’s Day. They will feel appreciated and special.

spa marketing ideas

Let’s your customer feel appreciated and special

Don’t be afraid this will conflict with the meaning of Valentine’s Day. Remember that Valentine’s Day is a special occasion to express your love to someone you love. Your customers will appreciate it when you express the same towards them.

Final thoughts on spa marketing ideas

For business owners, the holidays are usually a great business opportunity. Hopefully, you can include the tips above in your marketing approach to help promote your spa. Come up with new items or innovative marketing concepts and you will prosper above your dreams.

If you’re seeking some more creative marketing ideas, check out our blog for the most practical advice for your beauty business. Join our community as well to reach thousands of UK customers.

May you rocket your revenue and brand this Valentine’s Day!

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