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Creative Beauty Marketing Campaign Ideas for 2023 Easter Day

2023 seems like a poor start for the luxury service business. The fear of inflation and the economic downturn makes people tighten their mounds. But do not worry; the upcoming Easter will be a perfect opportunity for you to rock your business with just one effective marketing campaign.

Thinking of Easter, you will apparently think of the time for your family, loved ones, parties, and shopping. This is an excellent opportunity to utilise appropriate marketing campaigns to trigger consumer behaviour.

In particular, for service businesses such as beauty salons and beauty product businesses, marketing campaigns on holidays will mainly determine your revenue.

That is why, in this article, JustServ will introduce six unique marketing tips and ideas to help salons and spas attract as many potential customers as they want in the upcoming 2023 Easter.

Start the festive season marketing campaign early 

Do not miss any chance to connect with customers. Perform your holiday marketing campaigns right away to make sure customers know about the promotion of the festive season as soon as possible. For example, at the end of Halloween, we always see shops starting to decorate for Christmas.

Start the festive season marketing campaign early 

So, it is never too early for beauty businesses to launch marketing campaigns. The difference in the spring festival season is that customers take longer to respond and make consumption decisions. This may be because customers often tend to consume easily at the end of the year and the beginning of the year.

To attract customers, marketing activities in this period mainly serve the goal of branding with promotions, discounts, and a combination of marketing and customer care.

For a better marketing effect, business owners should prepare a campaign about a month before Easter and spring. The long advertising campaign helps create a combination of small programs.

Run the multi-channel Easter marketing campaign

Make the most of the shopping season for festivals with multi-channel campaigns. Send an email marketing festive season to increase sales. You can create awareness with social network posts on holidays, or resonate with paid vacation advertising campaigns.

Do not forget to post on multi-channel marketing platforms to interact with customers there. On the other hand, use hashtags to expand the reach of your posts.

When we think of Easter, we often think of religious symbols, colourful eggs, and cute rabbits. The use of these images in media channels will connect the emotions of the audience. Emotions often prompt action, so this is the time to market advertising videos with stories that touch viewers’ emotions.

Run the multi-channel Easter marketing campaign

Some types of content attract readers to interact with and pay attention to your social media site:

  • Funny content
  • Minigame / Give Away
  • Livestream
  • KOL Review
  • Feedback from customers
  • Volunteer programs of the brand

Create holidays at your salon or spa

This idea proved to be really useful for small beauty businesses, especially the local salon or spa. The first impression is also the long-term impression. The decoration of your spa with a unique style is a more effective form of advertising than any online advertising.

Create holidays at your salon or spa

On this Easter, use a combination of music and festive images to stimulate the attention of customers. In 1971, Philip Kotler spoke about this as an effective marketing campaign, especially for festive seasons. When customers enter a salon or a beauty shop, they will be attracted to the air and tend to spend more money.

Organise customer appreciation events at the salon

Take every opportunity to reach your loyal customers. These gratitude events can include afternoon tea activities, snacks, parties or simply a small chocolate egg or a cute card with a spring flower motif.

Easter may not create as great a demand for shopping or services as Christmas, but this will be a time for businesses to impress new customers as well as maintain good relationships with old customers through images, gifts or meaningful marketing activities.

Organise customer appreciation events at the salon

Going beyond seasonal promotions and holiday advertising campaigns, consider how to make your Easter marketing campaign meaningful. This will help your brand stand out from the competitors and inspire your customers.

Set up a countdown timer on your salon’s website

Before the moment of the Resurrection, set a countdown timer on your salon or spa website. This is one of the most effective ways to attract attention and stimulate the curiosity and suspense of customers before an important moment, like the transition between the old year and the new year.

You can set up a countdown timer in two ways: If you want to hit the wait for the sacred, you can create a clock that displays the date and time until Easter moment. Or you can create a countdown timer for the time of promotions, great discounts for customers on this holiday.

Set up a countdown timer on your salon’s website

Last but not least, spa or salon owners can create countdown clocks on website channels, and social media, or even hang them at the store to stimulate the wait and make followers more interested.

Spread the joy of the festival

The holiday seasons are meant to be shared with loved ones. This is the time to make memories and spread the joy of the holiday season. This is also an opportunity to get closer to your customers.

The purpose of every festival marketing campaign is to create a deeper connection with the target audience. Start with infusing the holiday spirit. Remind customers that the Easter Bunny isn’t the only character to bring them Easter joy.

Spread the joy of the festival

Here are a few Easter games you might consider hosting:

Pastel Discounts

Love Pastels? So do your clients. This Easter season, try offering a discount on certain colours reminiscent of this holiday – whether this is for hair or nails!

Egg Hunt

This might be eggsactly what you’re looking for. During the Easter season, you can hide an egg somewhere in your salon, if a client is able to find it you can offer them a discount off their treatment or even a free treatment!

Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

Offer seasonal bundles with discounts this Easter, these can range from £X off or a free product in a bundle and can work for skincare, haircare service and more to promote ‘me time’ packages.


Attracting new customers to your beauty shop requires a lot of planning but is very achievable. Impressing and building a regular customer base will require you to be dynamic and use the right marketing campaign to reach out.

Using holiday spa marketing strategies is the best idea to promote this brand which can quickly increase visibility. These campaigns also generate more leads and, ultimately, tremendous revenue growth. So keep yourself updated with the latest industry trends and apply those trends to your spa.

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