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Benefits of Collaborating with Marketing Influencers for Hair Stylists

Partnering with marketing influencers is no longer a new way of marketing for beauty and healthcare businesses. But contrary to the blockbuster campaigns in promoting other beauty products, the hair services industry has yet to take full advantage of the influencer marketing power.

So what are the benefits that an effective influencer campaign can bring to hairstylists? A boom in revenue, minimising costs, creating long-term marketing effectiveness, etc.

How can I create an effective influencer campaign, you may ask? Let’s dive into this article to find out.

Marketing Influencers

Effective influencer campaign for hair salons

How Marketing Influencers Do Wonders for Your Hair Salon

According to statistics, influencer marketing campaigns generate 11 times higher return on investment than any other type of online marketing. 94% of business owners who have taken advantage of these tactics admit the impressive effects the influencer can create for their businesses. Specifically, a successful influencer marketing campaign will:

Create a potential explosion in revenue

Revenue is always the first thing you need to consider when running a business. Running a successful media campaign can lead to continued growth in revenue and a steady stream of customers for your salon.

With the right touchpoint, your brand will gain credibility from a wide range of customers. To do this, make sure that the influencer you choose to collaborate with has a community of followers that match your customer profile. This will help generate better conversion rates and ensure your message reaches the right audience.

Create long-term marketing effects with a one-time investment

Using influencers is a win-win campaign with zero maintenance costs. With exclusively a one-time investment in constructing marketing materials, you can reuse those resources for free for the rest duration of the commitment.

In addition, if the influencers working with you can maintain and develop a good reputation for a long time after the partnership, as a result, you can always spin over your marketing resources with increasing effectiveness over time.

Portray your entire service

Good hair service requires not only to attribute to skilful hair stylists but also good service quality. Engaging the services of an influencer will also offer you an opportunity to show customers most comprehensively the values and messages you want to convey.

Marketing Influencers

Serving quality plays an essential part in good hair service

Consumers by nature proscribe ads and they constantly tend to ignore traditional advertisements. However, ads conveyed by influencers often have a lot invested in the story. This is a great opportunity to deliver the entire service and value you offer. In this way, consumers will be more attracted to receive the message.

Raise brand awareness

A study by McKinsey – a (global management consulting firm), has shown that word-of-mouth marketing from one person to another can generate twice as much revenue as a conventional paid advertisement.

Currently, the trend of media using influencers to convey messages is a form of word-of-mouth on a large scale. Through social media influencers, businesses can disseminate a comprehensive statement to a wide range of target customers. Thanks to the popularity of influencers, your salon will quickly gain a good reputation without taking time like traditional word-of-mouth marketing.

Tips to Create an Effective Influencer Marketing Strategy for Your Hair Salon

Make the right decision when choosing an effective marketing influencer

You need to opt for an influencer who has a similarity or interest in beauty products and services, especially hair. When any product or service of that interest is introduced by them, the public’s trust rate in that content will certainly be higher.

Instead of measuring a person’s influence by numbers in followers or interactions, brands should focus on finding individuals with real knowledge, expertise, and reputation in the hair products and services field. When choosing an influencer, identify one that has a connection with your salon’s services, the ability to occupy the customer’s mind is much higher.

Select the right influencer to deliver your content

Influencers need to show love and trust in the product they share. The truth is, the public won’t “take action” when the influencers themselves can’t demonstrate trust, love, or excitement about the product. The more the influencers show enthusiasm for the product, the more elevated the trust consumers have for that content.

Marketing Influencers

The public won’t “take action” when the influencers themselves can’t demonstrate trust, love, or excitement about the product

Therefore, first of all, skilful stylists should actively stand in the role of the inspirer, and bring rational and emotional values to influencers. Thereby, they will transfer it to their community. When the influencer likes the product they share, it becomes less important to be aware of the sponsored content.

Besides, content needs to be shared naturally and sincerely. More than anyone else, influencers know who their audience is. Therefore, businesses should support influencers to find the right way to convey messages from their own perspective. To achieve this, businesses need to focus on delivering helpful information to others instead of simply advertising.

Maintain a close relationship between influencers and your hair business

Most businesses choose a short-term and immediate relationship with influencers to serve their marketing goals. This usually still works for small businesses. But it would be a waste for brands to ignore this established relationship between influencers and their target audience. Every time an influencer talks about your hair services on social networks, brand trust will expand to a certain extent.

Marketing Influencers

Influencers’ collaboration should be a long-term relationship

Like any relationship, work also takes a long enough time for customers to understand and believe in the quality of service. When a person constantly talks about something he likes, the people around him will gradually believe that he is telling the truth. A long-term relationship will bring efficiency to businesses and have a significant impact on consumers’ spending decisions.


If you’re still building your business with a tight budget, booking an influencer might be out of your reach. In this case, choosing a reputable services marketplace website will be an effective way for local businesses to promote their services.

JustServ helps local businesses to promote their services

With JustServ, you will have the opportunity to showcase your services to our large customer community. Your clients can always leave positive reviews for your services thus giving credibility to your target customers to book an appointment with your salon in the future.

Final Thoughts

Salon influencer marketing is the next big wave in building your business online. Working with Tiktokers and Instagram influencers is no longer reserved for big brands anymore. Salons and spas are starting to figure out how to collaborate with local influencers to boost their brands.

Coming up with a plan, inquiring about the right people, and being clear about how the relationship will go are so important. I hope this blog post has inspired you with a ton of hair salon marketing ideas around marketing influencers!

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