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How to make customers remember your salon or spa

How to Make Customers Remember Your Salons or Spas

Customer retention is an important factor that evaluates the success of a business. If you’re a business owner of a beauty spa or salon who wants to market your service, you’ve probably heard this statement a hundred times. 

In this article, we’ll be providing you with 4 effective strategies to keep existing customers returning to your salon and spa. Without further ado, let’s get this show on the road!

Streamline The Booking Process

Some people love taking care of themselves by visiting beauty salons or spas on a regular basis. However, they’re too busy to make an appointment in advance. This leads to a fear that they have to wait for their turn.

Therefore, it’s vital for you to provide an online booking process. By doing this, your customers can check your salon’s availability and set the schedule anytime they wish on their phones. No call is needed. 

Streamline The Booking Process

Streamline the booking process

As you can see, online booking is convenient and it ensures the second visit of your existing customers. This contributes to your effort of keeping a decent customer retention rate.

Maintain A Positive Tone of Communication with Customers

After paying great attention to the marketing strategy to promote your beauty salon and spa, messages and booking notifications from customers come as a piece of good news. Specularly, your response is the key to achieving customer retention.

Here are some tips for you:

  • Provide personalized messages to different customers.
  • Apply booking reminders.
  • Create a positive in-store atmosphere.
  • Bring dedicated support to customers visiting your salon.

Please keep in mind that, no matter what you offer, put yourself in your customers’ shoes first. You can start by showing a friendly tone of communication that brings a deep sense of comfort to those who approach your salon.

Communicate with customers

Communicate with customers

Increase Customer Retention by Giving Them Your Full Attention

Customers want to be rational in every buying decision they make. They must have considered hundreds of local spas and salons before choosing you. Therefore, your customers will be disappointed if you fail to give them full attention when they visit your store.

Keep in mind that you need to treat your customers like they are the most special people. Try to respond to your clients as soon as possible, even with hard questions.

Increase customer retention by giving them your full attention

Increase customer retention by giving them your full attention

Plus, we highly recommend you create a file that saves the information of customers each time they come back to your beauty salon. This helps you remember their last visit and streamline the conversation between you or your staff with the customers. It is good practice to personalise each customer experience. Taking note of their personal preferences for services booked,and beauty products requested during their time at the salon, all adds to improving customer experience, retention and growing your customer base through word of mouth.

Automate and Monitor The Process to Improve Customer Retention

As a matter of fact, the digital world puts a great impact on our daily life. For example, customers are more likely to visit your online store on their smartphones and make a booking right on the website. 

Instead of making a phone call to notify your customer of their scheduled appointment, you can send them email reminders. By doing this, you won’t miss any customers.

This contributes to the quality of your customer service, and high chances are that clients would come back to your salon or spa. Therefore, automated tools and software can be supportive factors to your business, so it would be a pity if you don’t take them into consideration. 

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