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Tips for saving money and improving customer service at salon

Tips for Saving Money and Improving Customer Service at Salons

“How do you enhance customer experience at your salon without spending too much money” is a tough question indeed. It’s even more difficult when you are operating in the fast-paced beauty industry. Understanding this pain point, we’ll provide you with 5 money-saving tips that help salons keep costs down while bringing better customer service to the table. 

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Create an Excellent Marketing Strategy

In the most general sense, a marketing strategy plays the role as a compass that navigates the development orientation of your beauty business. It defines what actions business owners should take to attract more customers, get more sales, and most importantly, improve customer service. 

To create a powerful strategy to market your business, you should complete a lot of tasks. They include a thorough research about the market, customer insights, competitors, the value of your salon, and more. 

Create an excellent marketing strategy

Create an excellent marketing strategy

Below are some marketing tips you can take into consideration:

  • Create different social media accounts and post engaging content on these platforms.
  • Set up a website that showcase your products and/or services. 
  • Improve the ranking of your website with a focus on SEO and link building.
  • Run ads campaign on search engines and social media.
  • Send Email and SMS to your existing and new contacts.
  • Offer promotions on special events.

Depending on the habits of your customers as well as your salon budget, you should complete other specific duties. And we’d love to discuss more these strategies in the following articles so keep following us for more valuable information!

JustServ has a free lifetime subscription membership and provides all these marketing resources for a little fee. Specularly, Justserv’s free membership also provides you with a platform to manage your appointments and staff.

Provide Existing Clients with Dedicated Customer Service

It’s always easier for a business to keep customers returning instead of getting new clients. Most importantly, the fee you spend on attracting new prospects is also higher.

Focus on your existing customers and provide dedicated customer service

Provide Existing Clients with Dedicated Customer Service

Taking care of those who already experienced your beauty service is a decent way to enhance customer service at the salon. Here are some pro tips you can use as references:

  • Send personalised messages at the right time.
  • Buy a new coffee machine to serve customers at the salon.
  • Provide a special discount for those who visit your salon again.
  • Encourage your existing customers to book the schedule in advance for higher priority.

Try to Automate Everything for Better Customer Service

Your time is valuable, so you should make use of it for other important tasks. Finding a way to automate the nitty-gritty tasks that eat up your time with clients is a great place to start.

Rebooking invitations, appointment confirmations & rescheduling, marketing messages – all of these things are important, but they take up valuable time you could spend on your customers.

Plus, sending appointment reminders or rebooking invitations at the right time makes customer service more efficient. It’s a win on all counts.

Make Proper Investments

Money is not spent on all tasks the same way. Cost saving is a long-term plan and we need to think in a strategic way. Instead of throwing money at everything, you can make a list of priorities of what you should improve first.

For example, you notice that buying an additional dryer can boost the productivity of your hair salon and thus enhance customer service. In contrast, a decorative flower pot seems to be a less valuable expense at the time you have other things to spend money on. As a result, you should buy a dryer instead of a flower pot.

Make proper investments for money saving

Make proper investments for money saving

The same principle is applied to your product inventory and stock. You’d better import the products that most customers want, and spend less money on other items with fewer interests.

Diversify Your Salon’s Payment Methods

The era of cash is over. Thanks to the ease of switching payment providers, you’ll be able to ensure your salon has the tools necessary to provide a smoother booking experience for modern beauty bookers, whether they pay using contactless, via mobile devices or online.

The Internet can help you find competitive rates, too, as countless comparison sites have popped up – or you can do it yourself if you prefer the old-fashioned way.

Some online payment methods that you can opt for currently are Stripe, PayPal, Payoneer, Apple Pay, Klarma, etc.

Diversify your salon’s payment methods

Online payment methods bring a sense of comfort to your customers

Final Thoughts

At JustServ, we’re dedicated to growing beauty businesses. With us, you’re getting more than just a listing on Europe’s largest booking platform – we’re your digital marketing business partner.

By becoming a JustServ partner, we’ll help your salon reach new heights, from more clients to smoother salon management. 

We’ll take care of email marketing and social media campaigns designed professionally. Are our customers automatically invited to rebook? Absolutely! JustServ also offers an online payment processing system 24/7, which is industry-leading and easy to use. 

We can’t wait to have you join the Justserv family!

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