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Spring Holidays

Spring Holidays Strategies for Beauty Business Owners

The spring holidays are approaching. During holidays such as Easter, almost all service businesses increase their sales, in part by having a longer vacation, and most of them decide to “live and enjoy”. But how much do you want to increase, double, tens or hundreds of times sales compared to normal days? That, in turn, depends greatly on the preparation you put in place for the business.

And of course, opportunities always come with challenges. Bear in mind that other business owners also want to take advantage of the holidays; therefore, your approach has to stand out and your campaign has to be unique to position your business favourably.

So how do you create this spring holiday business strategy methodically and effectively with its own mark to attract customers? The following article will help you get a satisfactory answer. Let’s find out the details with JustServ!

6 Spring celebrations business owners should pay attention to

Spring, the breeding season for all species, is the most anticipated season of the year. Even in the United Kingdom, a country famous for a vibrant summer or a dense, foggy winter, spring always contains an undeniable attraction with many interesting and meaningful festivals.

February 14: Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is named after Bishop Valentine, who sacrificed his life to preside over many young couples’ marriages despite the Roman emperor’s ban. Not only in European countries, but Valentine’s Day is also now popular all over the world.

February 14: Valentine’s Day

On this occasion, couples can have dinner together at romantic French restaurants. In the meantime, single people can also utilise this holiday as the perfect occasion to express love toward each other with handwritten cards, roses, and chocolates.

February 21: Shrove Tuesday, or ‘Pancake’ day

It is a traditional holiday that precedes Lent on Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the 40-day fast until the Easter holiday. Shrove Tuesday is 47 days before Easter Sunday, so it is not fixed but varies from year to year and will usually fall between February 3 and March 9. On this day, the sound of pancake bells will ring and call Christians to confession.

‘Pancake’ day

A few towns in the UK also organise the Pancake Race, where contestants are housewives wearing aprons and racing with pancake pans in hand. The most famous place is Olney, Buckinghamshire, where the first pancake race was held in 1445.

March 1: St. David’s Day in Wales

March 1 is the national day of Wales, named after St. David, the famous patron saint of Wales. On this occasion, people will enjoy a traditional Welsh lamb stew called cawl, served with Welsh bread and cheese. The biggest parade in Cardiff on this day also attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world.

March 17: St. Patrick’s Day in Northern Ireland

March 17 is the anniversary of the death of Saint Patrick, who dedicated his life to bringing Christianity to the people of Ireland. Green is the signature colour of Saint Patrick’s Day because it is said that he used Shamrock to explain the famous Holy Trinity theory.

St. Patrick’s Day is not just a national holiday in Ireland; it is also celebrated in any country with a popular Irish community. Birmingham, Nottingham, Manchester, Belfast, and London are typical host cities.

Saint Patrick’s Day

Traditionally, families will celebrate this day by going to church in the morning, dancing to live music, and enjoying a feast of bacon and cabbage. Green cocktails, or guinness, are often used as the main drink of the celebration.

On this occasion, Irish people often wish each other special wishes such as “Slainte mhaith”, which means “good health” in the Old Gaelic language, or “may the good St. Patrick protect you and the devil neglect you.”. “.

March 19: Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a day honouring mothers around the world. In the UK, Mother’s Day is the 4th Sunday of Lent. On Mother’s Day, people will thank their mothers with fresh flowers, gifts, or a simple meal prepared by themselves.

Mother’s Day

April 10: Easter Day

Easter is an important holiday of the year for Christians. This is considered the day to commemorate the resurrection of Jesus after being crucified. Easter does not have a fixed date, but people usually count Easter to take place on the first Sunday after the first full moon or after the spring equinox.

Easter Day

On this day, people often give each other eggs made from many materials, such as porcelain, plaster, or chocolate, with various colours and sizes. These days, the egg is considered a symbol of fertility and reproduction. Adults will prepare traditional meals with the famous jambon or hot cross buns. Meanwhile, children will be able to participate in fun activities such as egg bowls or Easter egg hunts.

Steps to prepare for a perfect spring sale strategy

To prepare your business campaign this spring, you need to divide it into two phases. The first stage is to reinforce the working style and attitude of your staff and refresh your beauty establishment. The second phase is to create a marketing campaign and do a lot of publicity for the upcoming Easter.

Improve the organisational structure of your spa, salon, or beauty business

Change the working style and attitude of employees

The attitude of your employees is one of the most important factors that influences customer satisfaction. Service quality even affects the degree to which customers are convinced to come back next time or not. Take the employee’s attitude seriously as much as their technical skills.

Imagine a luxurious salon or spa with apathetic, even annoying, staff who are rude to customers every time they ask for help, such as consulting services, asking for more cups of filtered water, and having customised requirements. In these cases, wouldn’t it be long before you closed your business?

The attitude of your employees is one of the most important factors

Therefore, in order to attract customers, make them feel privileged—a warm welcome, dedicated, attentive service—and be taken care of, even after leaving. Besides excellent service, ensure your employees show your customers professionalism and hospitality. Customer service is the best and most effective PR that not only helps retain loyal customers but also contributes to attracting a large number of potential customers.

You can start creating a positive vibe for your employees with a few simple rules:

  • Always be polite and respectful to customers in all cases
  • Create additional values besides basic service
  • Find valuable meaning in work when creating and giving value
  • Always receive customer requests and find ways to respond as quickly as possible

Redecorate and refresh the salon with festive seasonal concepts

An equally important issue is to redecorate the space of your restaurant or hotel so that it is filled with the atmosphere of the holiday season. Many customers choose a spa or salon not only to rest or refresh themselves but also to create precious memories with their friends, lovers, and loved ones.

Pretty colourful egg baskets for Easter do no harm

St. Patrick’s Day green concept, Valentine’s Day hearts, or pretty colourful egg baskets for Easter do no harm. Give customers a chance to admire the brand-new look of your salon. Redecoration not only always creates a fresh new look for your beauty shop but also contributes to attracting potential customers to experience your service.

Don’t put too much cost on small changes. A few pictures and decorations here and there are enough to emphasise the unique style of the business.

Change the service menu to suit the holiday

Adding, removing, and changing the concepts of the provided service packages to suit the respective holidays is essential if you want to attract customers on a specific occasion. Beauty combos for families and couples or packages for limited groups during the holidays will be a great reason to draw customers to your salon.

You may not know it, but sometimes customers always choose a familiar place when they feel satisfied and reassured about what they have experienced. Always innovate your spa design, as well as service packages, to create a different experience for customers on each visit.

Implement professional scheduling, service execution and quick payment

Surely, during the holidays, your spa or salon will receive a lot of customers. Therefore, the stage of scheduling and arranging human resources as well as payment plays a particularly important role.

In recent years, online booking has become an outlet for overcrowded beauty spa salons during the holidays. You can fully schedule appointments with existing spa resources with JustServ. Our platform allows you to break up service sessions to ensure every customer is best served with near-zero wait times.

Focus on investing to simplify scheduling and payment online systems for users

Customers can leave frustrated if they have been waiting a while, but no staff is available to advise on the service. They will also sigh in frustration when they have to wait in long lines to pay. You can completely remove that situation from your business with just a few simple steps.

Focus on investing to simplify scheduling and payment online systems for users. You can completely apply digital devices to booking appointments, choosing services, and paying completely online with JustServ. In this way, you both shorten the customer service time and increase the number of new customers.

After preparing for the reorganisation and preparation, it’s high time to conduct super campaigns to attract customers to your beauty empire.

Draw up effective holiday upsell campaigns

Regularly send cards and vouchers to customers

To do effective marketing for the brand, do not forget to prepare small cards with warm wishes to bring customers joy and trust. You will feel the affection and favour from customers when they receive a respectful card from the spa or salon. Send your voucher along with the card to make sure customers don’t hesitate to visit next time. A successful beauty business is one that can bring customer service to the top priority and take customer experience as its core value.

Regularly send cards and vouchers to customers

Send thank-you emails and happy holidays to customers

Email all salon and spa customers with appropriate holiday greetings and heartfelt thanks for being your customers over the past year. A sincere and touching wish—who doesn’t want to have it? Take advantage of this to promote the brand as the owner of the beauty business.

Send thank-you emails and happy holidays to customers

On the other hand, you can utilise another little-known marketing tool when developing branding or increasing revenue for your beauty business, which is email marketing.

You can send information about promotions and customer care to groups of customers that need to be targeted. Currently, there are many tools that allow you to reach out to customers and send meaningful messages online completely for free.

Enhance communication through online channels

The most effective way to market beauty businesses is to hit two online channels: Facebook and Instagram. These channels will provide information about the salon’s programs and promotions to customers on your behalf.

On the other hand, Facebook is a potential advertising channel to attract new customers to your services. In addition, Instagram is a channel for sharing images that young people regularly follow about skincare and cosmetics. These are industries that are directly related to the beauty industry.

Enhance communication through online channels

Investing in images to boost content, building customer interaction programs such as livestream consulting on Facebook, and running ads to attract customers will be effective strategies to increase customer engagement.

In addition, you can also take advantage of other channels, such as online booking channels to promote and transmit the latest promotional campaigns and policies to customers.

Increase available slots for salon and spa treatments during vacations

The holidays aren’t always about having fun and relaxing. A perfect holiday necessitates hard work and meticulous planning ahead of time. As a result, it is typical for many people to be too busy to enjoy beauty treatments during regular business hours.

Increase available slots for salon and spa treatments during vacations

Furthermore, the holidays are a peak season for salons and spas since the demand for services grows dramatically. During high season, try to lengthen service times to better serve consumers. To optimise income, make sure you don’t miss a single consumer, especially during crowded hours.

Invest in developing synchronous and unified content during the holidays

You can come up with ideas for funny stories about the holidays or some ideas for a meaningful holiday on both offline and online channels. This will help capture the attention of customers and somehow increase the spa’s following as a way of leading the holiday story.

However, don’t bombard your customers with too many holiday sales or promotions. This can backfire and lose customers’ sympathy for your brand. Moreover, that also creates a profiteering mentality in customers; that is, they will only come to the salon when there is a promotion.

To reduce this, subtly empower your customers to treasure the services you offer and other extras like customer care, after-sales service, diverse, meaningful experiences, and more.


The salon business, or any beauty business, requires creativity and sensitivity. During these 2023 spring holidays, implement a few changes in your salon to keep up with the latest fashion and service trends.

In this article, we hope the above suggestions will help your business grow more. Spring celebrations are around the corner, but I believe you are well-prepared to rock your revenue this spring.

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