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Tips for Choosing the Right Shade of Makeup for Dark Skin Tones

Have you ever wondered why your favorite celebrity looks so gorgeous at every event? The reason apparently lies in their perfect makeup. 

Interestingly, the trick behind a perfect makeup layer is the right shades for specific skin tone, which is chosen carefully by professional makeup artists.

In fact, people have different skin tones, and we cannot apply the same rule to everyone. Meanwhile, the right foundation will result in a perfect makeup look. If you’re in search of the answer to the question, of which shade of makeup is suitable for dark skin tones, you’ve come to the right place.

In this post, we’ll be providing you with some best tips and tricks to find a suitable shade for dark skin tones. Without further ado, let’s get this show on the road!

Check Your Undertones

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If you are a makeup-lover who has basic knowledge about makeup, you’ll probably have heard about undertones several times. Some people may misunderstand between your skin’s surface and undertone, so we’ll give a brief explanation of these two.

Your skin’s surface colour can be easily seen by you and other people and it can be affected by external factors. For example, you go to the beach and the extreme light from the sun makes your skin’s surface turn a tanned colour. 

Meanwhile, undertones are colours under your skin’s surface. You may have the same skin’s surface as others, however, the undertones of you two can be different. Specularly, people choose foundation and other cosmetics products based on undertones rather than skin’s surface. 

As a matter of fact, we have three undertones as follows:

  • Warm undertones: range from peach to yellow and golden.
  • Cool undertones: cover pink and bluish hues.
  • Neutral undertones: have roughly the same color as natural skin.

Beauty products are designed based on your undertones, so you should know yours before choosing them. Now, the question is, how do you determine your undertone?

Generally, you should check your wrist’s veins. Blue or green veins, for example, hint at a cool undertone; yellow veins, a warm one. However, veins are difficult to see on dark skin. 

In this case, we suggest that you can determine your undertone by observing what jewelry looks best against your skin tone. Those with cool undertones usually look good in silver, while those with warm undertones look good in gold. Wearing a lot of jewelry may help.

Choose The Right Cosmetics Products for Dark Skin Tones

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After determining the right undertones, it’s time to test and find the right foundation for your makeup layers. In fact, it’s not an easy process as you need to test the shade on your arm until you find the most suitable one.

Specularly, there may be a difference between your face’s tone and neck. Therefore, you need to double the above testing process to achieve a perfect makeup layer on every event. 

Now, let’s follow this rule before paying money for any foundation products for dark skin tones:

  • Warm undertones look better with a foundation in a slight yellow colour.
  • Cool undertones, on the contrary, need to avoid yellowish foundations because they make the skin look sallower. Instead, go for a pink colour tone.
  • Neutral undertones look great if you can choose a foundation with a combination of yellow and pink, which is a peach colour.

Quick note: You can notice that a lot of brands will name the foundation for dark skin tones as “Deep 42” or “420” so you can go for this colour. However, the best thing you should do is, test them directly on your skin to make sure that the shade fits best on your skin.

Pay Attention to Finish and Coverage of Dark Skin Tones

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When applying any cosmetics to your skin, formula and ingredients are the most important things you should check besides skin match. These elements have a great effect on your coverage (how thick you want it to be) and finish (how it appears on your skin) after putting makeup on.

Let’s take a closer look at that.

The coverage ranges from light to heavy. A light coverage foundation, like Glossier, is most likely your go-to look for “no makeup”, which is suitable for your normal days. Meanwhile, heavy makeup coverage is visible, which means that everyone knows you are wearing makeup. Hence, it’s more suitable for your special occasion outfits.

When it comes to the finish of makeup layers, there are two types; Dewey, and matte. A Dewey product may be hydrating, while a matte product is smooth. Most people with oilier skin prefer a matte finish, while people with drier skin prefer a dewy finish.

Hopefully, through the information discussed above, we hope that you’ve successfully found the right shade for dark skin tones after determining undertones. Besides undertones, don’t forget that the formula of cosmetics products as well as the finish and coverage of your makeup layers matter. 

Last but not least

However, we know that it’s not always easy to pick the perfect foundation for your skin no matter how many products you try. In this case, we highly recommend that you should ask for advice from a professional makeup artist who is experienced in picking the right shade for different skin tones and makeup layers. In addition, they can provide valuable suggestions on the quality and affordable cosmetic brands you should go for. 

Meanwhile, you can visit JustServ to find a professional makeup artist nearby. JustServ is famous for being an all-in-one platform for hundreds of beauty service providers where you can browse and make an online booking with a few touches.

If you’re looking for more useful tips and tricks to get a perfect makeup layer, don’t hesitate to follow JustServ!


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