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Best Autumn Hairstyles For Girls To Take Off In 2023

Best Autumn Hairstyles For Girls To Take Off In 2023 (Part 1)

Entering the autumn of 2023, this is the right time to refresh yourself and try new changes in your appearance. The first thing that people often pay attention to is the hairstyle. The hairstyle not only shows personal style but also brings confidence and charm to women. Come autumn, the weather will become cooler and women can show off their beautiful autumn hairstyles without fear of heat and discomfort.

Autumn hairstyles are often thicker and more sophisticated than the cool, light hairstyles of summer. Besides, the autumn hair trend also brings gentleness and romance to women. It’s not new trends or bold styles but the return of hair trends from the past that dominate the second half of 2023.

To have more ideas to change your appearance, let’s join JustServ to learn about the beautiful hairstyle trends for this year’s autumn – Winter that will help you shine even more right here!

Baby bang

The baby bang hairstyle is inspired by Audrey Hepburn’s short bangs, giving you a new look that blends nostalgia and modernity, gentleness and mischief.

Baby bang

Basically, the baby bang hairstyle will be cut thinner than the previous bangs but will not be as thin as the Korean bangs style. Usually, this hairstyle will cut the bangs a little higher than the eyebrows to fully show off the facial features. But it doesn’t always have to be like that. The length of the bangs will depend on each person’s face shape. If you have beautiful eyebrows, stylists will encourage you to cut them a little shorter than your eyebrows, and if you have beautiful cheekbones, your bangs should be cut longer to soften and harmonize your facial features.

Curly hair renaissance

Renaissance curly hairstyle is also known as Botticelli waves. This trend is named after the 15th-century Italian artist Sandro Botticelli, who often painted women with this particular hairstyle.

Today, you can easily find the mark of this hairstyle in the painting The Birth of Venus. To be called Botticelli wavy hair, your hairstyle must tend to hug or create long waves from root to tip.

Curly hair renaissance

The advantage of curly hair is its femininity and it increases the thickness of the overall hair. Therefore, this hairstyle is very suitable to apply in the autumn. In addition, with its bounce, curly hair also effectively slims the face. Last but not least, don’t forget to choose the right autumn colours such as red-brown, chocolate brown or moss brown, your appearance will be more impressive.

Bouncy hair in the 70s

The bouncy hairstyle trend of the 70s is returning and becoming a hot hairstyle in the autumn-winter of 2023. This style of flat bangs, blow-drying and a few bouncy curls is very popular with ladies.

In addition to the above hairstyle, it is impossible not to mention the return of the typical fringe hair of French ladies. This hairstyle focuses on two characteristics: the hair on the cheekbones must be soft and curved and focuses on creating volume to strengthen the hair texture, making the hair more luxurious and natural.

Bouncy hair in the 70s

However, to maintain this hairstyle, you need to pay attention to hair care to keep the curls bouncy and natural. While it does require a bit more upkeep, like blow drying and roller sets, to maintain, it is totally worth trying. The pro tip is to apply hair gel to damp hair before thoroughly drying it in order to keep the tension directly at the roots. To extend the life of your blowout when things start to autumn flat, add a dry shampoo into your routine. This will absorb the oils from the scalp and strands while adding texture back into the hair.

Curly hair

It is thought that curled hairstyles are out of fashion, but this is a very popular choice. The 2023 version of curled hair still has a natural, flowing look, so it will help your appearance become feminine and elegant. When making friends with curled tail hairstyles, women should prepare a dryer, round comb or rollers to create beautiful curls. If you want to rejuvenate your beauty more effectively, you should try cutting thin bangs if you use a curled hairstyle.

Curly hair

If you want a more unique look, try combining a curly hairstyle with a layered cut. This style will make you look less boring and monotonous. At the same time, your hair will not require too much hair care and will still keep you looking neat.

Straight hair is smooth and shiny like glass

Surely no one is familiar with long, straight, smooth, and shiny hair in shampoo advertisements. In the second half of 2023, the trend of shiny, glass-like hair is again on the rise and is enthusiastically promoted by famous stars such as JLo, Ciara and almost every member of the Kardashian family. To get glass hair, in addition to needing a heat straightener, you need a product to protect your hair.

Straight hair is smooth and shiny like glass

Straight hair is always a trendy choice. This hairstyle is also very suitable for autumn and winter. Straight hair brings youthfulness and modernity to beauty. You don’t even need to dye it, just have basic black hair and you can impress the other person. Straight hair also impresses with its elegance and sophistication, women over 30 years old should consider it.

There are many variations around the straight hairstyle for you to choose from, such as Hime hair, straight bangs, etc.

Note that straightened hair is more suitable for women who already have thick hair. For women with thin hair, straightening it can cause the hair to fall flat and reveal facial blemishes.

Butterfly bob

Bob hair is a short hairstyle worth considering during the cold season. This hairstyle impresses with its neatness and elegance. In addition, bob hair is always in fashion, you can safely use it without fear of the look becoming outdated. With straight, flat-tailed bob hair, you don’t need to spend much time styling it every morning. However, take good care of your hair to keep it shiny and healthy.

Butterfly bob

If you have a black bob, you will get an elegant look. In the case of brown, ombre or highlighted hair, your appearance will be more prominent and youthful.

Short-haired girls always have a variety of transformations, creating different styles and beauty, from gentle, innocent, pure beauty to personality styles ready to attract anyone.

More hairstyles to come

Above are suggestions for extremely beautiful hairstyles to help you shine. Autumn’s heading our way and while it’s set to get colder, the bonus is, that the season offers up some truly dreamy autumn haircut trends. Let’s take a look and choose the most suitable hairstyle for yourself!

If you still haven’t found the right hairstyle for you, please refer to part 2 of this blog series here.

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