Black Friday

How to Prepare Your Beauty Business for Black Friday 2023?

Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping events of the year, and it can be a great opportunity for beauty businesses in the UK to boost their sales and visibility. According to a report by Finder, UK consumers spent £5.6 billion on Black Friday in 2020, and 35% of them bought beauty products. That’s a huge market potential for beauty start-ups to tap into. But how can you prepare your beauty business for Black Friday 2023 and stand out from the competition? In this article, JustServ will share some tips that will help you plan, optimise, promote, and collaborate for Black Friday success. Let’s get started! Tip…

Spa marketing ideas

9 unique spa marketing ideas for couples on Valentine’s Season

Valentine’s is just around the corner. For the past few weeks, the girls and boys have been busy preparing for their Valentine’s Day date. As a spa owner, you may notice more frequent visits for massages, facials and body treatments. What are you waiting for without launching these super hot spa marketing ideas for Valentine’s promotion in 2023? 20% off? It also sounds like an appetiser. But then what’s the difference from a regular discount program? Keep reading to discover 9 JustServ unique Valentine’s Day spa marketing ideas right in this article! Why spa services should not miss Valentine’s season? Even though it is an unofficial holiday, Valentine’s Day…

staff retention

Crucial Staff Retention Strategies That Every Beauty Salon Owner Should Know

Staff retention is one of the major dilemmas facing many beauty business owners at the moment. The reason is the rapid growth in the number of beauty salons. Nowadays, employees in the beauty industry have many career and workplace options. Many people easily switch jobs whenever they feel unsatisfied with their current job. So it’s more important than ever for business owners today to find ways to retain employees and make them happy and engaged. Let’s join Justserv to learn the following simple yet effective staff retention tips. Why do many beauty salons fall into a state of shortage of skilled staff?  There are many reasons why your…